Montrose Changes and Updates, April 2021

Metered Parking

The city is adding parking meters to the roads at Montrose Point, starting in the summer of 2021. This will include West Montrose Harbor Drive, the road where most birding visitors park. If you don’t want to feed the meters, you can always park west of Lake Shore Drive and walk in. This is what people did when the city limited access to Montrose in 2020 and 2021 because of COVID-19 fears.

Beach Fencing and Dunes Roping

Montrose Dunes

Montrose Dunes roping (click to see the larger version)

In April 2021, the southeast section of Montrose Beach was fenced and parts of Montrose Dunes were roped off. The beach fencing will protect the Piping Plovers and their habitat, should Monty and Rose use this area for nesting when they return. The Dunes roping will allow vegetation to recover and regenerate. Entering these roped areas is prohibited. Entering the fenced portion of the beach will also be prohibited when Monty and Rose return. Note that if Monty and Rose decide to use a different part of Montrose Beach or the Dunes, that area will also be off-limits.