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  • Montrose Access Update: It's official – Chicago has decided to open the lakefront parks, including Montrose Point. For more information, see the Montrose Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • The Brant that delighted birders in January at Montrose made its way to Lafayette, Indiana in February. Unfortunately the bird was struck and killed by a car on February 14. The specimen will go to the Purdue University ornithology collection.
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  • Need a birding guide? I offer guided birding services for Montrose Point as well as other locations in the Chicago area. Contact me at the email address below for more information. I look forward to hearing from you!
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  • The Magic Hedge. The Dunes. The Butterfly Garden. Do you know what these terms mean? The Montrose Glossary has descriptions of these and other terms used when referring to Montrose.
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