It’s The Little Things

When you visit Montrose, don’t be afraid to get involved to help make it a better place. Montrose is popular with fisherman, joggers, picnickers, photographers, and many others. As such, it gets more than its fair share of garbage, especially during the warmer months of the year. Disposing even a little of this waste goes a long way towards keeping Montrose beautiful. The Chicago Park District maintains garbage and recycling bins near the beach house for easy use. Another thing you can do is remove smaller tree branches from the walking paths in the sanctuary. These branches pose a tripping hazard to pedestrians and make negotiating the paths difficult for folks using wheelchairs and walkers. You don’t even have to bend over to remove them – just nudge them off the path with your foot. Remember, Montrose is ours. It belongs to us. Treat it like you would your own home.