Arizona Vista Wallpaper

by Robert D. Hughes

Arizona Vista Wallpaper


I took this photo of the grasslands and surroundng mountains near Sonoita, Arizona, about 45 miles south of Tucson. You're welcome to download this image and set it as your wallpaper. If your computer screen size exceeds the dimensions of the image, the image will not fill the full width and height of your screen .

NOTE: If you intend to use this image for commercial purposes I require monetary compensation. Please contact Robert D. Hughes if you have any questions.


For PC users -

  1. Right click on the photo and select Save image as (or a similar command) from the menu that appears and save the image to your computer.
  2. Right click on the saved image and choose Set as desktop background (or a similar command) from the menu that appears.

For Mac users -

  1. Right click on the photo and select Download Image to Disk and save the photo to your desktop, or simply drag the photo with your mouse to the desktop.
  2. Then, right click on the desktop and select Change Desktop Background. A window should pop up that says Appearance. Click the button that says Remove Picture which will change to Place Picture.
  3. Navigate to the file named arizona-vista.jpg and select Open. Then click the button that says Set Desktop.

For tablet and smartphone users -

  1. Save the image.
  2. Go into your device settings, click the entry for wallpaper or background, locate the image, and set it as the wallpaper.
Image Properties
Width: 2048 pixels
Height: 1536 pixels
Type: jpg
Size: 775 kilobytes
Mode: RGB Color

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