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Montrose Point – More Than Just Birds

The fishing pier at Montrose

This view of the Chicago skyline and fishing pier looks like the yellow brick road leading to Oz. (click to see the larger version)

The focus of this blog, and indeed of the other online channels I manage, is birds and birding at Montrose Point in Chicago. I use these channels to promote Montrose as a premier destination for nature study and raise awareness of the importance of the Bird Sanctuary as a safe haven for birds and other wildlife. But there’s more to Montrose than birds. The view of the Chicago skyline is nothing less than breathtaking, especially at sunrise. Walk out to the east end of the Point as far as land will let you, or go out onto the long fishing pier, and look at our downtown. When I do this I’m struck by how much the skyscrapers look like Oz from The Wizard of Oz, shimmering on the horizon in the early mornng light. You will too.

Winter is the slow season for birding at Montrose but Chicago and its skyline are always there, regardless of the season. If you visit Montrose in winter be mindful of the snow and ice and always use good judgement.

Late Summer 2016 Sunrises

Sunrise Over Montrose Beach

Sunrise Over Montrose Beach (click to see the larger version)

We’ve had some spectacular and dramatic sunrises in August and September. I snapped this one from Montrose Beach with my cell phone on the morning of September 1, 2016.