October 8, 2016


Monarch (click to see the larger version)

Montrose wasn’t quite as busy this morning, October 8, as I had hoped. I thought yesterday’s cold front and last night’s northwest winds would translate into the best birding day this fall. Still, it wasn’t bad (admittedly, October doesn’t do bad easily) and I ended up with 61 species in 4.5 hours of birding, which ties my September 24 count for my best day this fall. Noteworthy finds include a late Caspian Tern, a single Nelson’s Sparrow, Sedge Wren, multiple Marsh Wrens, Blue-headed Vireo, and 7 species of warblers. The kinglets, Red-breasted Nuthatches, and White-throated Sparrows were fun too. There were also good numbers of Monarchs around. Link to eBird checklist below.

eBird Checklist