Just What is The Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary?

Montrose Point

The yellow circle delineates the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary (click to see the larger version)

Montrose Point is a big place. For the purposes of my online guides it includes all the land east of Lake Shore Drive between Lawrence Avenue on the north and Buena Avenue on the south. Obviously not all of this space is a dedicated bird sanctuary, though many areas are good for birds and birding, like the boat harbor and north end of the Marovitz Golf Course. The Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary is a subarea of Montrose Point. It includes the Magic Hedge, Magic Clump, Meadow, peripheral plantings, and woods at the east end of the Point. This is a much smaller area compared to the whole of Montrose Point. The graphic shows the approximate boundaries of the sanctuary. Also see the Montrose Glossary for descriptions of the birding landmarks used in this guide,