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Late Fall 2004 Photo Quiz

Late Fall 2004 Photo Quiz


This bird looks plump, short-tailed, and short-winged, just right for a wren of some kind. The cocked tail is also a typical wren trait. Sedge and Marsh Wrens can be eliminated because of the lack of streaking on the upperparts. The rusty color is all wrong for a House Wren, at least the House Wrens we see here in Illinois. Also, our quiz bird shows a fairly prominent supercillium which House Wren lacks. Carolina Wren wouldn't have the strong barring on the sides. Bewick's Wren would have a longer tail with white corners. A Rock Wren would be paler and grayer overall. The rusty color, pale supercillium, and strong barring on the sides are just right for a Winter Wren. This butt-in-your-face Winter Wren was photographed at Montrose Point in Chicago on October 4, 2004.

Answer: Winter Wren

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