Bird Photos by KanaeCamera

Bird Photos by Chicago Birder and Photographer Kanae Hirabayashi

Kanae Hirabayashi is a longtime Chicago birdwatcher and bird photographer. The photos on this site represent a fraction of the photos she has taken over the years. All photographs are copyrighted; any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

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Sedge Wren(Cistothorus platensis) Sedge Wren Montrose Point in Chicago, September 18, 2006
Sedge WrenRough-legged HawkNorthern ParulaBlackburnian WarblerBaird's SandpiperMerlinBlue-gray GnatcatcherHooded WarblerMarbled GodwitLong-eared OwlEastern PhoebeSnowy OwlPalm WarblerAmerican WoodcockYellow-breasted ChatPeregrine FalconGreat Horned OwlCooper's HawkKilldeerSnow GooseIceland GullBlack-throated Blue WarblerEastern Whip-poor-willYellow Warbler